October 15, 2011

My birthday 2011♥

Hello hellow :)) i'm here to talk about my birthday.
What a wonderful birthday i done ? I'm really enjoyed the days ^^

Okay well, lemme show everything here ! Guess what?
Photo time ^^

Out my sister<3 11/10

Outfir of the night
12/10 Yeah ! 二人世界with my baby :)

 My baby singing birthday song to me ^.^

My birthday cake !

Thanks baby for the coach bag , and thanks yeanne sis for the necklace :)

October 1, 2011


Hellow october :) 
Finally, it's october! 

Will be continue *)

September 18, 2011

Just a post♥

3weeks. Yea! Need to wait 3weeks. OMG I'm going crazy! Can't stop myself to missing you airenman TT

Fine,fine! I can handle. Don't you ??

Okay, the pictures taken when my cousin's wedding dinner (;

Stop here and its time to bed now (; Sweet dream everyone. Night

September 14, 2011

News blog♥

Hi all :) very long time no blog.
I apologize for the lack of blog posts from me recently. The lazy bug has bitten me. :/
There are so many lots of things for this few months. And guess what, i am not going to talk about those. ^^
How lazy i am! ==

How about us? 
We are very fine,very good and very joyful ;)
Sooner, i will meet you up. I miss you and love you so much!

Good night readers :) 

PostScrip: Makeup course, wait me :D

May 4, 2011

Family day

Hello everyone (:
oh yea!
Finally I update my blog ^^
What about recently?
*Cameron highland
went with my family ((:
What a good day !
I enjoyed the day ^^

My beloved papa and my brother (:

Hmmm, some mistake^^

Actually, i know my blog was quite boring>.<
anyway, the point i want to show is
"photos" ^^ 

Airenman baby, i'm waiting for you xD

April 2, 2011

Meaningful gift♥

Went to penang just now 
For what ? Send airenman to the airport TT
Bad mood bad mood !!!
Hate that feeling :(((

Yesterday, airenaman bought me something special !
oh yeah! This is really special for me ^^

Airenman's face ! HAHAHAHA xD

I like soooo much ! Its was a meaningful gift <3
He wanted me to hug it evey night i sleep ^^
Baby, you're so sweet to me (;
it's what i want ^^ 
Iloveyouforevery! TANENGKEAT

March 31, 2011

Happy march♥

Hiii ^^
Today is the last day of march 
And yep ! The new month is coming (:
I'm talking nonsense==
Allrighttt , some pictures about march here  (;

3/8 Hang out with my classmate (:
3/25 Going to penang airport , airenman is come back ^^
3/4 Wedding dinner . My cousin here (:
3/28 My airenman right here !!! ^^
3/29 A sweet kisses <3
Heart you <3
3/29 Dinner times ! Sushi2 !!! ^^
3/30 Out for dinner with yeanne and joue ! Enjoyed the day (:
Yeanne here ! (;
Joue here (;

Fun fun fun !!! ^^
goodbye guys (: